Pass Along Your Legacy to Recipients Chosen by You


Easily Designate Who Receives Access to Your Capsule

With our user friendly interface, it is easy to designate who receives access to your digital photos, videos, voice recordings and journal entries.
Specify your desired recipients, upload your data, pass along your information and everything will be delivered for you.


Uploading is Simple & Convenient

With Life's Time Capsule, you have the ability to upload anytime, anywhere and as much as you wish. You don't have to worry about forgetting something because we've made it simple and convenient for you to add additional data to your capsule through the Life's Time Capsule, website or mobile app.


Your Story Told

No matter how far into the future or how young or old your recipients may be, they will always remember you for the person you are and for the legacy you are leaving to share with them.

Enjoy Building Your Legacy!